Fifty Things to Do when You Turn Fifty

Fifty Things to Do when You Turn Fifty Author Ronnie Sellers
ISBN-10 156906590X
Year 2005
Pages 303
Language en
Publisher Sellers Pub Incorporated

A humorous and thoughtful collection of short essays, musings and reflections written by experts & celebrities from all walks of life on the subject of turning 50.

70 Things to Do When You Turn 70

70 Things to Do When You Turn 70 Author Ronnie Sellers
ISBN-10 1416209158
Year 2013
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher Sellers Pub Incorporated

70 Things to Do When You Turn 70 celebrates the opportunities to have meaningful and fulfilling lives at 70 and beyond. This inspiring collection of 70 essays, follows the popular success of other books in the series like 50 Things to Do When You Turn 50 and 60 Things to Do When You Turn 60. The contributors include a wide diversity of people 70+ who have taken on exciting challenges and have found fun, intriguing, and surprising ways to make their lives rewarding. 70 Things to Do When You Turn 70 features such luminaries as world-renowned poet Nikki Giovanni, American Book Award-winning author Gary Zukav, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Elaine Madsen, and the acclaimed writer Daniel Klein. As an added bonus, portions of Mark Twain's famous 70th-birthday speech, in which he reveals the secrets of his longevity, will be included. 70 Things to Do When You Turn 70 is the perfect gift for anyone reaching this milestone age. All royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to cancer research and prevention.

50 Ways to Leave Your 40s

50 Ways to Leave Your 40s Author Sheila Key
ISBN-10 9781577317029
Year 2010-09-24
Pages 312
Language en
Publisher New World Library

If you’re approaching that huge milepost with less than your usual birthday enthusiasm, open this book to discover all the ways in which turning fifty might just be the best thing yet. The authors share a wide range of ideas for making this major life transition a time of opportunity, growth, and celebration. As Sheila Key writes in the introduction: “What Peg and I hope you’ll hear among these pages is the irrepressible rustling of joy — joy enough to make you bust out laughing, sure, and the kind that comes from improving your mental outlook and physical habits, even just a little. But also the simple joy of having lived this long, of being able to look back over five full decades and forward to who-knows-how-many more; not to mention...the joy of living more mindfully in the ever-present Now.” Bursting with anecdotes, activities, “things to try at least once,” advice from a savvy doctor, and clever ways to remember it all, this little volume sparkles like a treasure chest. It’s as chock-full of useful and entertaining gems as your life is full of memories, regrets, dreams, and possibilities.

I See You Made an Effort

I See You Made an Effort Author Annabelle Gurwitch
ISBN-10 9781101634721
Year 2014-03-06
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Penguin

“Annabelle Gurwitch is the child prodigy of the literature on aging. The only downside of this book is that it is bound to deepen your laugh lines.” —Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel and Dimed Actor and humorist Annabelle Gurwitch returns with a wickedly funny book of essays about the indignities faced by femmes d’un certain âge. Whether she is falling in lust at the Genius Bar, coping with her best friend’s assisted suicide, or navigating the extensive—and treacherously expensive—anti-aging offerings at the beauty counter, Gurwitch confronts middle age with candor, wit, and a healthy dose of self-deprecation. Scorchingly honest, surreally and riotously funny, I See You Made an Effort is the ultimate coming-of-middle-age story and according to Bill Maher, "it should be required reading for anyone between the ages of 40 and death. Scratch that- even after death, it's a must read."

On Women Turning Fifty

On Women Turning Fifty Author Cathleen Rountree
ISBN-10 9780062507310
Year 1994-04-22
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Harper Collins

On Women Turning Fifty honors the new faces of aging with powerful, positive images of fiftysomething women who share stories of mid-life discovery. Accomplished by beautiful photographs, these candid and engaging interviews reveal women whose challenges, conflicts, and triumphs are reshaping our attitudes toward work, relationships, and personal growth. From Gloria Steinem, Isabel Allende, Ellen Burstyn, and Mary Ellen Mark to single-parent school teacher Deanne Burke and breast cancer survivor Barbara Eddy, the diverse voices in On Women Turning Fifty offer exhilarating models of confidence, courage, and celebration.

100 Things I m Not Going to Do Now That I m Over 50

100 Things I m Not Going to Do Now That I m Over 50 Author Wendy Reid Crisp
ISBN-10 0399532501
Year 2006-03
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Penguin

From not wearing a corsage to never missing another eclipse, a hundred witty, irreverent resolutions are designed for women over fifty who are determined to enjoy their hard-won freedom from silly conventions. 40,000 first printing.

What You Don t Know about Turning 60

What You Don t Know about Turning 60 Author P D Witte
ISBN-10 088166510X
Year 2006
Pages 123
Language en

This is a quiz-format humour book to ease the pain of turning 60 and provide entertainment for any 60th birthday party. It covers six different categories: romance and sex, health and medicine, ageing, fashion, recreation and work.

You Know You re 60 When

You Know You re 60 When      Author Richard Smith
ISBN-10 9780307587633
Year 2010-06-08
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher Three Rivers Press

Are you “getting on in years,” or know someone who is? Thinking of changing your birth certificate to show a more favorable birth date? You may lie about your age, but your age won’t lie to you! Not sure how to tell when you’re about to reach that fun sixtieth birthday? Here are some clues: WebMD is your home page When asked, “Who’s your doctor?” you have to reply, “Which one?” An outbreak of acne makes you feel like a teenager again At your class reunion, you note with satisfaction that the captain of the football team wears a hearing aid The meadows where you sowed your wild oats are now shopping malls That empty seat on the bus has your name on it Your pharmacist greets you with “What’ll it be, pal?” Getting older is not only fun . . . it’s funny! And with You Know You’re 60 When . . ., you’ll be laughing as you go kicking and screaming over the hill, happily clutching your chest! From the Trade Paperback edition.

50 Celebrate 50

50 Celebrate 50 Author Connie Collins
ISBN-10 0696213907
Year 2002
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher Better Homes & Gardens Books

Offers inspirational words by women from a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds as they reflect on their lives and dreams upon reaching middle age.

Flip Flops After 50

Flip Flops After 50 Author Cindy Eastman
ISBN-10 1938314689
Year 2014-04-08
Pages 200
Language en

In this collection of essays, the author tackles the ups and downs of midlife. From her 30th high school reunion to her daughter's wedding to running away to a cabin in Main with insight and humor.

The Tao of Turning Fifty

The Tao of Turning Fifty Author Jennifer Boire
ISBN-10 1466378115
Year 2012-02
Pages 129
Language en
Publisher Createspace Independent Pub

The Tao of Turning Fifty, What Every Woman in her Forties Needs to Know is a workbook for women to help chart their mid-life journey. Jennifer Boire, a writing coach and retreat leader, addresses women who feel overwhelmed and over-loaded at mid-life. With gentle humour, Boire offers insight on matters such as Feeling like You're Going Crazy, Finding Time Alone, Learning How to Say No and Where Did my Libido Go, along with relaxation exercises and tips to develop better self-care habits. “Don't wait for a breakdown, a broken leg or a break-up to thrust you into self-care mode...treat your Self with tenderness and compassion.” It becomes imperative for women at mid-life to listen to their intuition, to express how they feel, and be true to themselves.

The Best of Everything After 50

The Best of Everything After 50 Author Barbara Hannah Grufferman
ISBN-10 9780762440351
Year 2010-03-30
Pages 320
Language en
Publisher Hachette UK

The Best of Everything after 50 provides top-dollar advice in an affordable format. When Barbara Grufferman turned fifty, she wanted to know how to be—and stay—a vibrant woman after the half-century mark. She went in search of a “What to Expect” book, but couldn't find one. So she consulted New York City's leading doctors, personal trainers, hair stylists, fashion gurus, and financial planners including: • Diane Von Furstenberg on the right fashion choices • Laura Geller and Carmindy on makeup tips • Dr. Patricia Wexler on the best skin care regimen • Frederic Fekkai on haircare • Jane Bryant Quinn on financial concerns • Julie Morgenstern on organizing your life Barbara adopted their programs and prescriptions, and got life-changing results—and now she shares her experiences. With a handy format and “checklist” style, The Best of Everything after 50 makes high-priced advice accessible to any woman interested in getting answers to the issues that concern her most.

Fifty and Fabulous

Fifty and Fabulous Author
ISBN-10 1459665988
Year 2013-05-27
Pages 104
Language en

Some women dread the approach of their fiftieth birthdays, fearing it's goodbye to good times and good looks. Others barely notice the transition; they know how to welcome each age for its particular blessings. These are the women Jaki Scarcello calls 'Women of the Harvest' - women who aren't trying to turn back the clock, but reaping the fruits of a life well lived, recognising and receiving the real gifts this stage of life brings. Women for whom 'fifty plus' doesn't mean less, but more. Drawing on her own experience, as well as exhaustive research into other women's stories - a series of interviews conducted in five countries - Scarcello shows with wisdom and wit how changing our attitude toward ageing can bring about a 'virtuous cycle' of rejuvenation. Women who know this embrace the years after 50 with a spirit of optimism and energy that is truly liberating. They understand that in maturity a woman has the potential for genuine elegance, a beauty more than skin - deep that sparkles confidently and generously from the eyes, and a whole new brand of personal sexiness. On a deeper level, they possess a secret power and joy, which radiates outward into the world and illuminates everyone around them. These women who blossom in their 50s know that their time of life is a time of grace, and that it's richer and more ripe with possibility now than at any other time in our history. Through their stories there runs a common thread of spiritual transformation - the harvest of a good life when it starts to divest itself of youth's superficial anxieties. In the space that opens up beyond 50, experience and potential form a perfect fusion: this is the most fertile ground a woman ever knows.